Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ava's 2!!!

nakey butt. she wore this necklace alllllllll day! thanks christa!
Ava and Aunt "Sissy"

Cake and ice cream toppings

Always posing!!

At least she tried the icing this year!!

In jewlrey heaven!

cutest ruffle butts EVER!!!

they share cake :) bff's!!

Ava and Grammy (my grandma)
love her bday outfit... too bad champ got ahold of it...

Anson... prob upset that that chair doesn't rock :)

Ava and Grandmommy aka ga-mamamamamammamamama

pretty lakin
Ms Emma and the cutest dress ever!!

Hi everyone! It's been since the wedding I think since I've done a blog. I've been slacking, sorry! Nursing school had me doing homework/studying every night with 4 tests every week. Hectic!!! Then there's Ms. Ava... let's just say she's def showing that she's 2 now. Ohhhhh terrible two's, and to think.... we still have to get through the 3's. Oh well, at least she's able to throw tantrums :) Something I wasn't sure I'd see!!! How time has flown by... I can't believe she's 2! She is finally at 20 lbs, and is 30 inches long!! BIG girl :) Her ice-cream "bar" party was a success. I think the kids enjoyed it. We even got Ava to eat ice cream!! The cake tasted amazing, and Ava loved her presents!!! As for an update on Ava, she's still getting most of her food threw her g-tube. She is starting to eat a lot better though. She even is experimenting with all kinds of textures. I think she has tried pretty much everything other than red meat. That's next on the list!! Still no surgery's until around 4 years old.
I didn't get a whole lot of pictures, Ava turns and runs from the camera these days ;) I'll try and post a blog sometime this week. This should be a fun weekend though! St Elmo's for my birthday then race fun. Yay NASCAR! An excuse to get redneck ;) Cornhole, cookouts, and racing... what more could a girl ask for.. too bad I can't do it in heels :) Hope to see everyone soon! Have a fantabulous weekend!!